The American Dream Has Shifted…Not long ago, Americans were bent on home ownership. Most viewed it as one of their great life goals and their largest investment. No more. Almost overnight, the demographics have shifted. For an increasing number of Americans of all ages and backgrounds, renting is in, and home ownership is out.

Will You Profit From This Shift? Experienced commercial real estate investors know that the risk profile, returns and tax benefits of large scale multifamily are virtually unmatched. Unfortunately, access to these investments is unavailable to most investors. The author takes you on a journey through his surprising discoveries about the power of this unique asset class. The Perfect Investment teaches you…

  • The secrets used by the super-wealthy to attain and maintain their wealth over generations (and why you’re not invited to their party).
  • Why multifamily investing scored 460% better than the stock market on a key risk vs. reward ratio.
  • Why investing in flips, single family rentals, and small apartments is a not a path to multi-generational wealth for the vast majority of people.
  • Why US demographics, the economy, and the fallout from the last recession have caused the perfect storm for the success of this asset class.
  • How multifamily investors “partner” with the IRS to reap significant profits while paying virtually no taxes. (Your CPA may not know these tax codes, but you need to!)


DONE! by Dr. Brian Robbins

EHR, OIG, PHI, HIPPA, PQRS, CERT, Meaningful Use, Pre-Authorizations, Post-payment reviews, Aggressive Audits, Decreasing Reimbursements… it was finally more than he could take!

Dr. Brian Robbins had dedicated his life to helping people, not to being a paper-pusher. He had been active in his community, he volunteered at church, he coached soccer, and worked hard to build his practice for 25+ years. He developed a great reputation, patients loved him, and his practice was booming. He was so busy that he didn’t have a lot of time to spend on retirement planning and just assumed it would all work out.

No one ever told him about Professional’s White Coat Syndrome. He didn’t see the black clouds gathering on the horizon. He trusted his advisors. He didn’t know government overreach was about to steal his autonomy and ruin the profession he loved. He never thought about needing a backup plan. He was too focused on treating patients to see the handwriting on the wall.

This is his story. Learn from his mistakes, develop your own action plan, and profit from his discovery of the perfect investment to help you create tax free multi-generational wealth and a worry-free retirement!

What people are saying about the books…

I have known Paul Moore for almost 30 years. His business ethics are only surpassed by his innovative marketing ideas which are sure to help anyone seriously interested in this space.

Barry Farah. Real Estate Developer. CEO, Precocity – Dallas, TX

DONE! is a must read that will take you on a journey through the world of multifamily real estate investing. This book is easy to read, concise, and to the point.

Dr. Eric Kaplan, DC President’s Advisory Council, personal physician to the president, and two-time national best selling author.

Paul has done a great job using his deep and valuable knowledge about Real Estate Investing to provide a very helpful resource for anyone looking at the opportunity to build wealth in multifamily. This is a book that can be utilized by those that may have never considered the opportunity before, but may stand to gain profitably with Paul’s sound advice.

David Stevens, President & CEO Mortgage Bankers Association. Former US Assistant Secretary of Housing & Federal Housing Commissioner. Former Sr. VP Freddie Mac

Dr. Robbins explains in simple terms how an asset class once accessible only to the wealthy can be a tool for all. The days of sufficient income produced by CD’s and single company dividends are over. Disciplined multifamily investing, alongside competent partners who themselves have much to lose, is the surest way to a more secure financial future.

Michael J. Mandl President & CEO Mandl & Co., LLC, Former Executive Vice President Emory University and President & CEO Emory Healthcare.

Paul Moore has written a terrific book for real estate investors, new or experienced. He explains the benefits and provides a detailed but concise pathway based upon personal experience and in easy to understand language. A great recommendation for getting started in commercial real estate investment.

Allen Smith, Vice President Investments, Marcus & Millichap (top 10 US commercial brokerage – $33B Annual Sales)

DONE! should be a prerequisite to any medical professional before starting school. I wish I had read it earlier in my training. However, it can be applied to all healthcare professions at any stage in their career.

Dr. Adam Dailey, MD, Anesthesiologist

The book is very impressive and complete. It goes beyond the basics and informs investors of all of the opportunities, and pitfalls, of investing in real estate. The ability for a potential investor, at any level of sophistication, to go to one location to access information about investing in multi-family real estate is very unique.

Rick Graf, President & CEO, Pinnacle Property Management Services (top 5 US property management firm 146,000 apartment units under management)

DONE! takes a heartfelt and honest look at one medical professional’s quest for passive income. After many dead ends, the author makes the case for commercial multifamily investing. This is a great read for any high income professional looking to secure passive income.

David Draghinas, MD 

As an investment advisor I am always seeking investments that will compliment the portfolio of a family or individual looking to grow their wealth without taking extraordinary risks. In this book, Paul builds a strong case for why multifamily housing provides a highly attractive risk to reward ratio on an investment you can actually touch and see!

Micah Spruill, Managing Partner, Aurora Investment Advisors

The Perfect Investment is a great introduction for anyone looking to venture into commercial multi-family investing. Paul’s approach during each step of the process is well defined and thoroughly explained. A perfect guide for the perfect investment.

Neal Golden, Vice Chairman and Texas Regional and President of Newmark Grubb Knight Frank (top 3 US commercial brokerage $100B annual sales)