Paul Moore (Co-Founder, Wellings Capital) is a frequent author for BiggerPockets, the most popular blog and social network for the real estate investing community. With over 900,000 members, BiggerPockets offers a top-rated podcast, forums, local meet-ups, and a blog featuring authors who are experienced and successful in the space. A sampling of Paul’s articles are featured below.


Bitcoin or Real Estate: Which is the Better Investment?

An in-depth look at the risks and rewards of investing cryptocurrency—and how it stacks up against real estate investments.

5 Ways to Jump Up to Large-Scale Multifamily Investing

If you’ve been reading about the wealth and glory enjoyed by large-scale multifamily owners and wondering how you can join their club, read on.

Swap ‘Til You Drop: Multifamily Tax Avoidance Tips from Closing Table to Inheritance

Though the first strategy I discuss here is familiar to most of us, the second may surprise you as much as it did me and many I’ve discussed this with.

How to Beat the Coming Housing Slowdown With a Value-Add Multifamily

In the face of a potential real estate crisis, employ this strategy, which many investors have used to grow their wealth in nearly any economy.

Attention Multifamily Investors: Are you STILL Paying Taxes?

These tax-savings strategies will save you a boatload while boosting your multifamily rental profits no matter where you live.

THIS Major Tax Benefit Convinced Me to Put My Money Into Large Multifamilies

Depreciation schedules. IRS code. Accounting. Paperwork. These concepts used to put me to sleep—until I learned about this incredible tax minimization tool.

How Ensuring Your CPA is a Tax Strategist Could Save You Thousands Every Year

Ed is a successful investor. He made a lot of money for a lot of years. Sadly, he flushed a bunch of it down the toilet as well. How? By overpaying the IRS.

Warning: Your Single Family Rental Portfolio Might Just Be a House of Cards

Are you a single family home investor? Do you want to build an SFR portfolio? I did at one time too. Then I tried it. Here’s what happened.

I’ve Been an Entrepreneur Since the ’90s—And I Think I’ve Finally Found the Perfect Investment. Hear Me Out.

This investment isn’t a fad. It isn’t cyclical. And I believe this multi-generational wealth creation vehicle will impact my children’s children.

What Are the Best Real Estate Investments? How to Find the Ideal Place to Put Your Money

Wondering “what are the best real estate investments for me?” If you’re considering putting money in real estate, you’re reading the right article.

Stop Swinging for the Fences: How I’m Building a Multi-Generational Wealth Engine the Low-Risk Way

Building multi-generational wealth through real estate doesn’t come through wild swings for the fence. It involves careful planning, diligence and patience.

4 Ways It’s Possible to Speculate in Real Estate (& How to Make Sure You’re Investing Instead!)

After starting off so well, why did I fail in investing? Was I really investing? Or was my investing more like a trip to Vegas without the dancing girls?


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